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World Day of Migrants and Refugees ends a busy Month for Immigration News

“World Day of Migrants and Refugees” ends a busy month of September for Immigration News

Sunday 29th of September marked the Vatican’s “World Day of Migrants and Refugees”. Over 100 years on from the first day it was instituted by Pope Pius X in 1914, it would appear to have been celebrated in years past in far less ambiguous times.

Three years on from the beginning of the current administration at the Whitehouse, many believe that immigrants have little to celebrate at this moment in time; with more than 50,000 immigrants being held in detention centers across the U.S. Add to this, the Government’s recent announcement to reduce the  cap on refugees to the unprecedented low of 18,000, there seems, on the face of it, little or nothing for Asylum seekers to look forward to.

Yet there is reason for Hope…

A recent article published by the Washington Post does however spark a glimmer of hope and shows just how groups of immigrant nationalities in the U.S. have battled successfully against the U.S. authorities in times of heightened “Nativism” like some believe the country is experiencing today. And, with U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson blocking an extension to Trump’s policy known as expedited removal late on Friday the 27th, it would appear there are still those who are able to moderate what the Washington Post call “the administration’s attacks on our immigration system”.

Whilst this news largely builds on the growing and fast-moving focus of asylum denial or deportation, there are still those who are being denied visas for other ‘inexplicable’ reasons. On a weekend of unrelenting immigration news, NBC News reported that organizers of the Latino theater festival in Chicago announced the cancellation of an acclaimed playwright’s play because the “U.S. Department of Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS), under the current administration, has officially denied granting touring visas for the cast and crew.”

Senate Fail to Pass Removal of Country Caps for Employment-Based Immigrant Visas

In an immigration climate that appears to stifle at every turn it was hardly surprising to some that earlier this month, the proposed bill to remove Country Caps for Employment-Based Immigrant Visas, did not pass the inspection of the Senate. The idea of the bill was to remove the 7 percent, or 9,800 visas allowed per country, in order to address the backlog and waiting times of those applying for visas in both India and China. Although designed to make the Green Card system more equitable, it was refused in some quarters because of concerns about how it might affect specific industries.

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