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What Are Waivers?

In immigration law, a waiver is a form of pardoning for violating an immigration policy. In some instances, a waiver is granted automatically. In others, immigrants must apply for one. It takes a skilled and experienced immigration attorney to understand the various waivers that exist and how they can apply to specific immigration issues.

Types Of Waivers

Immigration law tends to be quite complex. Oftentimes, people violate policies without even realizing it. Regardless of your situation, a waiver can be extremely beneficial to you.

You may need a waiver if you:

  • Stayed in the country past your visa expiration
  • Were deported or removed from the country
  • Were convicted of a crime

If a violation of the law or a crime is preventing you from applying for a visa or entering the U.S., a waiver is a very helpful and effective option that can help you move on from the action and maintain or continue seeking immigration status. Some of the many waivers we can help you obtain include:

  • Waiver after prior removal
    If you were deported from the country and want to apply for a visa before the mandatory waiting period, you can seek a waiver.
  • Waiver of unlawful presence
    If you are currently in the U.S. illegally but are seeking an immigrant visa, certain individuals may apply for a waiver to avoid the mandatory waiting period.
  • Waiver of marijuana possession
    If you were charged with or convicted of a marijuana-related crime, waivers are available to help you continue your pursuit of an immigrant visa or adjustment of status.
  • General waiver for nonimmigrants
    Many nonimmigrants who are inadmissible for any reason may apply for a waiver.

Quite often, even individuals who meet the basic requirements for a given waiver will need to show that they are eligible and qualify for the waiver, specifically based on the extreme hardship in which they have experienced in their home country. Our dedicated and hardworking immigration attorneys can take the time to understand your situation and tailor our services to help you seek and obtain a waiver.