Fong Ilagan Paralegal Magali García to take the Texas Bar Exam

Fong Ilagan Paralegal, Magali García, the First Thurgood Marshall School of Law Masters Graduate to take the Texas Bar Exam

July 23, 2019 (Houston, TX) – The Texas immigration law firm, Fong Ilagan, is proud to announce the success of paralegal, Magali García, in her approval to take the Texas Bar Exam. Magali is a licensed attorney in her home country, Mexico, and she is the first foreign attorney to graduate with an LL.M. degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law’s Immigration and Naturalization program.

Upon immigrating to the United States, Magali was quickly accepted to the LL.M. Immigration and Naturalization Law Program at Thurgood Marshall School of Law.

“The program gave me the opportunity to learn different practice areas of immigration law and to further pursue my passion for immigration law,” said Magali. While studying, she obtained an internship with the Fong Ilagan, LLP team. She continues, “and my position at Fong Ilagan has allowed me to contribute to changing lives for people in this country.”

“As a busy immigration law firm, the attorneys are only as successful as the legal support team we work with,” said attorney, William D. Fong, Managing Partner of Fong Ilagan. He continues,

“Having Magali on our team has been invaluable and we are proud to be a part of her journey and success. Magali is dedicated to her work and clients in achieving their immigration goals.”

Magali’s interest for immigration stems from many years travelling with her family to the United States, where her father was a musician performing throughout the country. In her travels, she met foreign musicians from all over the world with whom discussed their complex immigration process. Magali received her law degree in Mexico from Universidad Latina de America in 2008, where she proceeded to work as a professional attorney working on civil and family cases. Magali eventually made her way to Houston to grow her career and continuing education specific to immigration law.

Magali is currently preparing to take the Texas State Bar Exam and obtain her license to practice immigration law in the United States.

For more information on Texas immigration law firm, Fong Ilagan, LLP, please contact Attorney William D. Fong at 713.772.2300.

For more information on the LL.M. program at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, please contact Professor Fernando Colon Navarro at 713.313.1918.


11 responses to “Fong Ilagan Paralegal Magali García to take the Texas Bar Exam”

  1. Huma Hassan Avatar
    Huma Hassan

    Congratulations Magali!!
    So proud of you!!?

  2. Balthazar Avatar

    Congratulations Magaly!!! I admire your dedication and commitment to do what you do and your passion to help others. I know you will be one of the best! Because you are great at what you do.

  3. Hagali and I were in the Master of Laws class back in 2017. I found her to be a hardworking goal oriented person. She loves people. I am sure she will be an asset in the Immigration lawyers community. Hagali I wish you success in your bar exam. I know you got this! Congratulations.

  4. William R. Molano Avatar
    William R. Molano

    You have completed a great task in you career path, perhaps a milestone in your life and in history. Your perseverance and hard work is going to help the life of many others. Your drive and passion for what you do are beyond comparison. I proudly write this.
    Congratulations love.

  5. Muchas felicidades Magali me siento muy orgusa de ti .
    Gracias a Dios, a tu dedicación y esfuerzo has llegado tan alto. Eres digna de admiración orgullo y ejemplo para todos los Mexicanos.
    Gracias por la ayuda que nos has dado a todos los que acudimos a ti.
    Te deceo lo mejor y sigue adelante con todo el exito del mundo y con es sencillez que te caracteriza.

  6. Roberto Avatar

    Muchas felicidades Magali es un logro que as logrado Gracias a tu dedicación y esfuerzo y se que llegarás muy lejos me siento muy orgulloso de tus logros y deceo de todo corazón logres llegar a donde tienes tus metas y se que lo lograrás te deceo todo el éxito del mundo y mil felicidades eres un ejemplo de que si se puede y tú as podido felicidades

  7. Patty Hernandez Avatar
    Patty Hernandez

    Congratulations amiga miaaa!!! So so proud of you!!

  8. Dian marroquin Avatar
    Dian marroquin

    Congratulations!!!Very professional and knowledgeable. Super proud of you and your success!! I wish all the best for you

  9. Zayury Rodriguez Avatar
    Zayury Rodriguez

    Yo conozco a esta abogada. Que interesante que sea la primer abogada LATINA de la primera generación de abogados en recibir el título como abogados de inmigración en USA, que al parecer antes no existía. En hora buena abogada Magali García.

  10. Congratulations Magali I n this achievement!
    I’m so proud of you!

    1. On this achievement*

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