Checking the Status of Your Pending Application

How to check the status of your Pending Application to receive updates

Thanks to the current climate of immigration in the United States, many immigrants who have filed for legal status are now starting to worry about their pending cases. Tighter enforcement of immigration laws that are slowing legal immigration as well as the delay of application processing and petitions at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are just part of the overall problem.

Immigrants are not powerless when it comes to waiting through delays on their application status. While it is a worrisome process, knowing that their application is still under review can help alleviate some of their concern. Most delays are within average waiting time but there occasionally setbacks occur.

If you are working with an immigration attorney, you can call the office to find out the status of your application. You can also check on the status of your case online, find out what the average processing time will be and if you need to file any additional forms. Before starting, make sure you have your case number handy and then follow these simple steps:

Checking your Application Status online:

    1.  At a computer – your own, a friends, at the library – open the Internet browser of your choice and go to the My Case Status electronic system at
    2.  Enter your case receipt number into the system. This number will be three letters followed by 10 numbers. This number is typically found on the Notices of Action sent to you by the USCIS. Do not enter the dashes but enter all other characters. Once you hit enter, the system will display the latest action the USCIS has taken on your case. You will also see any additional steps that need to be taken or the next steps the USCIS will take in resolving your case.

Immigrants need to keep in mind that the USCIS provides an estimated average processing time on their website. This is calculated based on historical data from completed cases. The USCIS has even said that it cannot “project how long it will take to complete a case.” To find out the estimated time to completion, you can use the same program and enter the number of the immigration form type and the location of the office or service centre handling your application.

The site will give you the estimated processing time which has been determined based on how long it has taken to complete applications the previous two months. You will also receive an estimated date for the next notification that will be sent to you. If you still do not have an answer on your case by the date of the next notification, you can contact the USCIS via the website.

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