Attorney Gary Ilagan Named the 2024 Immigration Lawyer of the Year in Houston, Texas, by Best Lawyers in America

Houston, Texas – [8/18/2024] – Attorney Gary Ilagan has been honored as the 2024 Immigration Lawyer of the Year in Houston, Texas, by Best Lawyers in America, recognizing his exceptional dedication, expertise, and success in the field of immigration law. This prestigious award based totally on peer-review is the second time Attorney Ilagan has been recognized as the Lawyer of the Year. This award highlights his exceptional work with companies and the profound impact on the lives of individuals and families navigating complex immigration challenges.


With an illustrious career spanning over twenty-seven years, Attorney Ilagan has solidified his reputation as the “go to” attorney for clients in the healthcare industry. His remarkable ability to combine legal acumen with genuine compassion has not only achieved favorable outcomes for his clients but has also set a standard of excellence within the legal profession.


“I am truly humbled and honored to receive this recognition as the 2024 Immigration Lawyer of the Year,” said Attorney Ilagan. “Immigration law is not just a practice area for me – it’s a passion and a commitment to upholding the values of justice and equality. This award is a testament to the hard work of my dedicated team and the trust that our clients have placed in us.”


Attorney Ilagan’s dedication to immigration law goes beyond his client representation. He is a frequent speaker at legal conferences and Filipino community events, sharing his expertise and insights to help others better understand the intricacies of immigration law. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping public discourse and fostering a more informed and empathetic perspective on immigration matters.


Attorney Ilagan’s recognition as the 2024 Immigration Lawyer of the Year serves as a reminder of the vital role that legal professionals play in shaping the lives of immigrants and their families. His dedication to upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and equality makes him a true champion in the field of immigration law.


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About Attorney Gary Ilagan: Attorney Gary Ilagan is a seasoned immigration lawyer with over 27 years of experience representing individuals and families in navigating the intricate landscape of immigration law. His commitment to the field, coupled with his deep understanding of the legal system, has earned him a reputation of a trusted advocate.


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