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10 Interesting Facts About Immigration 

Immigration has shaped the United States and other countries in many ways. It’s safe to say that the more immigration we witness and experience, the more it impacts our way of life. We have reached a point where our economy, society, and the government are more diverse than it has ever been! And, of course, that’s something to be proud of. Although, some people aren’t aware of the basics when it comes to immigration, and that’s completely okay. We’re here to help with that. The experts at Fong Ilagan know everything there is when it comes to immigration. We want to share our knowledge with you. 


¾ of the U.S. Population: Naturalized Citizens and Authorized Residents Combined

Almost a decade ago, half of the U.S. population was made up of immigrants, despite their status. Now, in 2020, we can say the same, except the percentage has gone up by 25%. The vast majority of immigrants that make up that percentage have been living in the United States as either naturalized citizens or authorized housing residents for ten years or more. 


80% of Immigrants Come from Asia or Latin America 

More than a century ago, the vast majority of immigrants were coming from European countries. Now, most immigrants come from countries from Latin America or Asia, including India, China, Cuba, El Salvador, and Mexico. We still see plenty of European immigrants, but they do not compare to the numbers Latin American and Asian immigrants are bringing in. 


The Economy Grows at an Increasing Rate 

Researchers and analysts have found that immigration raises total economic output, thanks to the increasing number of workers who come to the United States as immigrants. More specifically, foreign-born workers contribute about two trillion dollars every year. That can also be estimated at 10% of annual GDP. 


High-skilled Immigrations Encourages Innovation 

Immigrants tend to work in fields that require advanced education, including STEM, which encourages research, professional work, school work and studies, and anything of the sort in all fields. This is due to the fact that immigrants bring ideas that may be different from native-born innovators, which in turn inspires more work and creativity. 


Additionally, They Push For More Job Availability 

Because more immigrants are coming in, this means that there is a large dependency on businesses that are essential for everyday life. Thus, employers must bring in more jobs when there is more customer traffic. Additionally, immigrants account for high numbers in taxes, which also supports tax-based jobs such as education. 


U.S. Immigration Does Not Account for Crime Rates 

Immigration is not a factor when it comes to analyzing rates of crime in the United States. In fact, it has been found that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or to be incarcerated than native-born individuals. Also, crime rates are lowest in states that have higher numbers of immigrants. 


Immigrants Often Start Their Own Businesses 

In addition to encouraging job availability in the United States, immigrants often tend to start their businesses instead of looking for a job once they get here. Immigrants are twice as likely to create their own businesses than citizens born in the United States. 


More Immigrant Men Come to the U.S. Compared to Immigrant Women 


More immigrant men tend to come to the United States due to financial support and finding a job. Often, if these men have families, it will take a couple of years before they decide to sponsor their families. The families, most of the time, grow in their native country and then settle in the U.S.


Immigrants Are More Likely to Receive a Doctorate Than Natives 

As we mentioned earlier, immigrants are more inclined to complete advanced education as opposed to U.S. natives. With that being said, we see more and more immigrants receiving their doctorate, making them twice more likely compared to U.S. natives. 


Children of Immigrants Will Most Likely Work In the Same Occupations as Children of Natives

Although many immigrants establish their own businesses, their children are less likely to follow their paths. Children of immigrants are more inclined to take on jobs or employment that we usually find with children of natives of the United States, which, in turn, decreases their chances of working in the field of STEM. 


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